Here at East Coast Wind we have a fully equiped workshop to carry out repairs and servicing on site. We also operate a "walk in" service so if you are having trouble with your instrument just pop in and we will have a look at it. We can and do repair a lot of badly damaged instruments.

"Make-Play" £20 per hour (min £5).

There are many reasons why an instrument stops playing as it did. This can happen at any time on any age of instrument. ie. Corks compress at different rates causing leaks or bending a key through accidental mis-handling . On these occasions we offer a walk in service (where possible). Just come and say "fix what is broken just to get the instrument to play again".

"General Service" Clarinet £25 - Flute £25 - Trumpet £25 - Trombone £45 - Soprano £35 - Alto £35- Tenor £35- Baritone £65

This is the once a year service. We initially check the status of the instrument. If its in good working order with minimal leaks we will cover the repair of these leaks in the general service price. Remember a "service" is not a "repair". In this service we cover the complete checking over the instrument. (some minor re adjustment if necessary). Brushing and air cleaning of keywork. Checking of spring tension, corks and felts. Complete keywork oiling (bore oiling if wooden instrument) and re- test.

"Full-Service" Clarinet £85, Flute £85, Soprano £90,Alto £90,Tenor £120,Baritone £150,Trumpet £45,Trombone £45

Recommended every 12 to 18 months depending on condition. The instrument is totally dismantled, body and tone holes cleaned. If the body is wood it is oiled . Old oil is removed from hinge tubes and rods. Pad seating is checked and adjusted where necessary. Damaged or worn pads are replaced (at extra cost). All corks / felts and springs are checked and replaced as necessary. Crook is checked of fitment. The mouthpiece is inspected for tip and side rail alignment and condition. The instrument is then reassembled, lubricated and regulated to good playing order and play tested.

"Overhaul" Clarinet £180,Flute £180,Soprano £270,Alto £335,Tenor £385,Baritone £420,

As above but include adjustment to hinge tube wear. Replace and seat all pads, corks and felts. We use premium deluxe pads as standard but can offer ,Kangaroo, Sax Gourmet or other custom brands. We can also fit custom resonators and modify original key-work.